Welcome to THE SLOPES, one of Calgary’s best kept secrets! As a new member or a visitor to our community, you are sure to enjoy, the most beautiful scenery in all of Calgary.

Nature’s wonders are at your fingertips. This summer we had a number of interesting animal sightings to the delight of so many. A family of moose range around the north gate area. We have a family of deer that call THE SLOPES home. We have a flock of homing pigeons that has lived here for over 20 years. We have seen coyotes, bobcats, deer, and rabbits abound the community. A small bear has been sighted several times this past summer near the north gate. Osprey’s, Blue Jays, finches, wood peckers, and chickadees among other birds, make an appearance each year.

Our residents enjoy the country atmosphere and yearn to escape the fast pace of the City Centre which is just minutes away.

The distance between properties at THE SLOPES allows you to be as close to nature as you choose. Strolls through the neighborhood will open doors to new friendships and provide you with an enjoyable workout at the same time.


To continue towards the gate you must approach the Console (intercom), scroll through to the resident’s name or directory and push Call , your host will receive  a call to open the gate for you.

Map of the Slopes