Need to Know

City Garbage and Recycling 

All houses in The Slopes receive City garbage and recycling services. Blue, green, and black bins are provided by the City and pick up is weekly at the curb. City Garbage charges appear on your Enmax statement monthly.

Black bins are collected once every two weeks on Tuesday

Green bins are collected once every week on Wednesday in the summer and every two weeks in the winter

Blue bins are collected once every week on Wednesday.

For further information on the City of Calgary Recycling Program go to:

 TSCA Fees

The Slopes Community Association fees are payable monthly by Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT). These fees are used to maintain the infrastructure of The Slopes. Please send this request to in advance of obtaining transfer of title to your property. Additional fees may be charged for vacant lots that aren’t maintained including controlling the weeds and mowing the ditches.

Utilities: City Water and Sewer

All houses in the Slopes are connected to the City of Calgary water and sewer. City water and sewer is also available for hook up to all vacant lots. Water and sewer billings are administered by The Slopes Community Association through the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) registered with the TSCA.

School Information  

The Slopes is located within the boundaries of the City of Calgary. Children residing in the Slopes are eligible to attend City schools.

You can contact the Calgary Board of Education or the Calgary Catholic School District for more information.

Canada Post Community Mail Boxes 





To get a community mail box and keys, please contact Canada Post at 866-607-6301 or visit Canada Post online at


North Gate Access

For residents to access the North Gate, please contact us to purchase a Gate Fob.

For visitors who wish to enter through the North Gate, they  must approach the console and scroll through the menu pad to find the name or directory of the resident and select “call.” The gate telephone will be activated and will call the local telephone number that  assigned to the console. At your end, your phone will ring and you will need to select the number 9 key on your telephone to accept the request to enter.The   gate will open.

North gate camera surveillance policy: LINK

South Gate Access

At this time to access or exit the Slopes through the south gate, slowly approach the gate and the barriers will rise.

Black Knot 

There continues to be a concern about Black Knot disease that infects trees and shrubs. This occurs mainly on Shubert Choke Cherries especially, as well as other fruit trees. To control Black Knot, one option is to do a controlled prune over the course of a few of seasons.

It is technically easy to get rid of over time however, everyone will have to put in a little effort as the fungus spreads through spores in the wind from an infected tree. Perhaps when we get our Chinooks especially in the winter, it may not be bad timing to get outside in the yard and community with a “Telescoping Pole Pruner.”

Here is a hyperlink explaining the disease:$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/faq7622

Controlling Costs of Road Sanding

One of the Slopes’ annual major expenses is the cost of sanding the roads during the winter. One way to keep the soaring costs of the sanding mixture down is to keep the sand on the road. Your assistance in adhering to the posted speed limit of 30 km/h goes a long way to keeping the sand in place rather then spraying it in the ditches. It’s also safer reducing the chance of sliding and slipping.