Community Values

Welcome to the Slopes community, where we value relationships as well as take pride in ownership of our homes and the view.

We have a very diverse group of people living here, with 125 homes, ranging from single people to full on families. We have every demographic, from Young to fully Retired and still full of life! Our community values go along way into building up our community. We don’t just live in the hood together, we actually a good friends. If you’re on the quiet side, the houses are placed far enough apart to keep you enjoying your own space. If you’re a bit of a social butterfly, we have social clubs for all ages, with a very active community. We value your space, but open up opportunities to build new friendships and relationships throughout the Community. Each street is distinctly different, along with the architecture, character and the view .

Feel free to reach out LINK to talk to us, get to know us… We can certainly help you with your decision.