For Prospective Buyers and Realtors

Building a home?

Before construction can commence on a home in the Slopes, approval of the Slopes Design Committee is required. Approval is obtained by submitting the necessary documents and meeting with the Slopes Design Committee. There are generally two meetings required. The meetings will answer any questions the lot owner may have and will communicate the building requirements to the lot owners. View protection for the surrounding homeowners is of major concern to the Design Committee.

Design Meeting 1


  • At the first meeting with the Design Committee a general review of the preliminary plans for construction and landscaping is conducted
  • You will be expected to provide the design committee with a copy of your preliminary plans for construction to get a clear sense of the position of your house in relation to lot setbacks, carriageways, topographic grades, building height, massing, and general design.
  • The Design committee will answer questions regarding the Restrictive Covenant and the Rules and Regulations that govern the Slopes.

When to meet:

  • 6-12 months prior to building

What to bring to meeting:

  • Preliminary plans for construction
  • Review and begin completing form at back of restrictive covenant

Who to contact to set up meeting:

Design Meeting 2: 

After the first meeting with the Design Committee the new owner is expected to sign the restrictive covenant agreement.


  • The Design committee will answer questions regarding the Restrictive Covenant and the Rules and Regulations that govern the Slopes
  • A Site Visit will be conducted at the lot to review overland drainage, parking of construction vehicles, minimize road erosion
  • The building deposit is collected at this time and will be held until approval of landscaping

When to meet:

  • 6-12 months prior to building

What to bring to meeting:

  • Final plans for construction
  • Completed form at back of restrictive covenant


  • Approval to proceed to build


Requirements and Obligations

Prospective buyers should be aware of the various requirements and legal obligations to own property in The Slopes. Each lot has several requirements and needs to have/or is affected by:

1) An encumbrance agreement

2) Design Committee Guidelines

3) Landscaping Guidelines

4) Electronic funds transfer for The Slopes Community Association monthly fees

5) A Restrictive Covenant and Rules and Regulations

6) Compliance with an Overland Drainage Easement

7) Other Easements that may be lot specific.


A PDF of the Rules and Regulations appears below.

PDF of the Rules and Regulations

Inquires about the details of the documents above can be directed to the Slopes Design Committee ( which will facilitate the purchasing process.


The Slopes Community Association fees are payable monthly by Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT). These fees are used to maintain the infrastructure of The Slopes. Please send this request to in advance of obtaining transfer of title to your property.

Additional fees may be charged for vacant lots that aren’t maintained including controlling the weeds and mowing the ditches.


City Water and Sewer

All houses in the Slopes are connected to the City of Calgary water and sewer. City water and sewer is also available for hook up to all vacant lots. Water and sewer billings are administered by The Slopes Community Association through the EFT.

City Garbage and Recycling All houses in The Slopes receive City garbage and recycling services. Blue and black bins are provided by the City and pick up is weekly at the curb. City Garbage charges appear on your Enmax statement monthly.

School Information  The Slopes is located within the boundaries of the City of Calgary. Children residing in the Slopes are eligible to attend City schools.

You can contact the Calgary Board of Education or the Calgary Catholic School District for more information.


Sellers should be aware:

  • Redirect your mail
  • Cancel your EFT for Slopes Association Fees
  • Notify the Slopes Community Association of your sale and close your water account at

The South West Calgary Ring Road

The 2015 Alberta Budget cut about $1.5 billion from existing ring road spending plans by delaying the west leg of the Ring Road for up to 10 years, which the government had initially planned to start building in 2017 and have finished by 2021. Read about the Budget implications that delayed the road construction in a recent Calgary Herald article.

For more information on the future Ring Road alignment visit the Government of Alberta web site: